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Damn Fairy Tales

“Once upon a time there was a hill, stroked by the wind.And on the top, like a fool, lived the Tree Man„
“One day, the old man thought rowing was too boring. He convinced his boat at once that they could do better flying.„
“In the middle of the desert of time is Sha, the town of Forgotten Things …„

Three stories written and drawn by a master of storytelling, for the first time in english.

English edition
200 pages full color, paperback, 8.5 x 8.5 inches
44,50 $



Maudites Fables

“Il était une fois un col que le vent caressait, Et au sommet, comme un fol, l’Homme-Arbre vivait…„
“Il était une fois un vieux, fatigué de se rappeler, Et une barque volante, fatiguée de naviguer…„
“Au milieu du désert du temps se trouve Sha, La Ville des choses oubliées…„

Trois récits écrits et dessinés par un maître de la narration, pour la première fois en français.

Édition française
200 pages couleur, couverture souple, 21,5×21,5 cm
40,00 euro



Memories of Sand

Four silent stories linked around a theme as old as mankind: love, in all its finitudes.
Max Frezzato, with his graphic virtuosity, goes beyond the field of comics, and delivers a work of extreme lyricism…

For the first time in paperback edition, only for extra-UE territory.

Paperback, 70 pages full colors, 8.25 x 6 inches

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